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[Release] Jenocide DM (Zandronum-only)

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Here is a DM/Duel/CTF/Invasion map pack which is more than FIVE YEARS in the making. (I have since gotten a lot better, faster and less procrastinatey with the development of Jenesis).

Many of these maps are actually speedmaps which were made a few years ago (as a part of the officially-hosted speedmapping sessions on the Skulltag forum), but they never got a proper release. There are 21 in this mapset in total, and that includes some never-before-seen maps from my various failed Skulltag projects over the years (Overload, Bricks 'n' Grass, and DM2010 which I believe I never told anyone about, heh).

Also included are a brand new set of bots, a proper campaign, and new menu graphics/message fonts by myself.

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/hmfoz#0
Download (RC3): http://jimmy.the-powerhouse.net/WAD/jenocide_rc3.zip
REQUIRES ZANDRONUM WITH skulltag_data.pk3 AND skulltag_actors.pk3!

Also, this is a release candidate - it's probably littered with bugs. Any and all feedback will be highly appreciated. :D

Please enjoy! :)

Map List:
DM01: Overcast Outpost
DM02: Acid Sea
DM03: Hydraulic Platform
DM04: Pain Factory
DM05: Concretion
DM06: Impurities
DMSEC: Dumping Site (ft. Nightmare93 on the detailing)
DUEL01: Ruined Yard
DUEL02: Distant Rig
DUEL03: Corrugation
DUEL04: Exposure
DUEL05: Playground
DUELSEC: Persephone's Pit Stop
CTF01: Prometheus Station
CTF02: Continuum
CTF03: Sky Edge
CTF04: City of Nomads
CTF05: Blood Omen (SMII)
CTF06: Memphis Bells
CTF07: Suicidatorium
CTFSEC: The Jumpy Map
INV01: Subarctica
INV02: Pharaodox

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Wow, very nice Jimbo! This certainly came out of nowhere. The screenshots look very nice. I think I might recognize some of those maps from somewhere...maybe from your Bricks n' Grass project. I definitely recognize your Invasion maps though, especially Subarctica.

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Release candidate 2 is out. Lots of little fixes (and additions), but there's probably still a ways to go. Please enjoy, anyway. ;)

Khorus: Heh, I don't remember releasing it in its current state, but you must've played the 2007 version of the map. The one that sucked. xP

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After like two years of me forgetting this project even existed, I've decided to go back and optimize it so that it doesn't completely suck in places. :D

So here we are (finally) with release candidate 3. :P

With the advent of Zandronum having occurred since this first released, I must stress that in order for it to run in this port, you need to load skulltag_data.pk3 and skulltag_actors.pk3 alongside it!

This version features two new maps, Concretion (DM) and Suicidatorium (CTF).

It also features a completely remade version of DUEL04: Impurity Plant (now simply called "Impurities") which, due to its newfound size, has been allocated to the DM episode, with Exposure (formerly DM04) reassigned to the Duel episode.

The rest of the maps have also had changes done to them, ranging from minor to major. Most of the CTF maps have been rebalanced in the item placement department so they're not an absolute joke to play online. At least, I hope so, and they're not just irredeemably terrible maps. :P

There are probably still issues with it, though. These maps are old and the pre-pubescence of my mapping style still shines through in a lot of them. If anyone would be kind enough to try them out (online with friends or otherwise) and report any bugs they find to me, I'll take care of 'em. Don't forget that it has a single-player campaign for each of the four supported gamemodes (DM, Duel, CTF and Invasion), so you can play it even if you have no friends. :P

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Still working on this because I don't know what else to do with my life. :P

Next version (RC4) will feature a remade version of Dumping Site, using a different texture theme to how it did before (STONE and BRICK10 rule together), and being ever-so-slightly more expansive. By that of course I mean it's now stupid huge.

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