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Double Speedmap Session(s)! (KSS-inspired idea)

Should this proposal go forward?  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Should this proposal go forward?

    • Yes!
    • Yes, but with changes to the rules/guidelines/mapping timelimit. (Please specify what changes.)
    • Nah, I don\'t think this is a very good idea.

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With these maps Khorus has been turning out in just 2-3 hours or so recently, I have a new idea to propose. This is alternative to my earlier 32in24 SP idea.

I propose a speedmapping session, but with some changes to the rules/guidelines:
-Extend the time to 200 minutes. This should allow most authors to make their map fairly "complete" as long as they don't go for something too big. It's the whole main point of my idea!
-Any author can participate (up to one map).
-No specific theme for the session, except to go for the best overall balance of quality to quantity you're capable of. :)
-Skill settings optional, but preferred if an author has time. If a map has no skill settings, shoot for an average UV or maybe a slight bit easier (but harder than a normal HMP).
-Scheduled time for the session should simply be agreed upon as what's convenient for most mappers/highest turnout.
-Same compilation/release procedures as usual once the session is done, but check for major bugs.
-If it's a success, consider future sessions of this type! :)

I think this could really yield a pretty zesty community turnout, probably with a lot more gems than past orthodox speedmap packs. So please vote and feel free to comment!, what are your thoughts?

If there are enough yes votes, then scheduling can be considered at that point. :)

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walter confalonieri said:

already occupied to finish other project, and much more to finish my map for CC4... but i think i'll made something theoretically...

This is not a project for a single member. It's a community speedmapping session (just like the Doomworld speedmapping sessions of the past, or the SargeBaldy ones of the distant past), except with a bit more lenient rules and a somewhat higher timelimit to help encourage what should be a better and more varied set of maps versus past speedmapping results, without diverging from the idea of keeping them short 'n sweet.

Also someone voted the second option but left no specification, which means I'm just taking it a a yes vote, giving 6/8 yes votes so far. :) I think this may be an idea to go with at some point to be decided. :) But we'll see.

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