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follow up to t-1ntru

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worked on this over the course of the past two days. it's still rather rough, at times in terms of both visuals and gameplay. see how you fare though! everything should be functional now. i had to test quite a few times to get all the major bugs ironed out but it's 6:30 in the morning and i don't much want to playtest it again just to be sure.


requires cc4tex:

on the MAP03 slot.

~8 minute map, lava and bricks, ~200 monsters


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FDA. Didn't get far - got stuck in an inescapable pit (sector 496 I think, at a quick glance in DB2) and had no means to kill myself.

SDA. Can't remember if I got killed or not, but I did exit.

I didn't enjoy that map as much as your usual stuff.

It generally seemed to reward camping or speeding (or sometimes both), something that I generally dislike in Doom maps, at least when it's to the extent I felt it was here. There were many monster block lines at choke points, combined with the relative lack of health/armor and number of archviles made peekaboo the one and only efficient way, at least for me.

Starting with the two archviles and imps teleporting near the red key bars right away. Either you stay up top and tediously kill them with the SSG, or go down and running through to hide further is almost mandatory with the low amount of health available at this point.

Also didn't like the music, so I IDMUS02'd after a while (even though that tune was completely inappropriate) and raised gamma level to 4 as those dark parts were way too dark on my screen - against imps and demons darkness can have its place, but once revenants and archviles get into the mix, again with relatively little health/armor available, it gets a bit too unfair IMO.

The lava midtex leading back to the first room without any indication whatsoever was a bit evil - I could just as well picked the wrong one and fell to my death. So was the shooting switch that required the SSG to be hit, if it was intended as such.

The final room was uneventful, with the layout and the possibility to fall down in yet another inescapable pit I felt forced to play it safe and shoot revenants from a distance, and then wait for cybies to infight and finish them off.

Sorry to sound so negative. Usually having a blast playing your maps, for the record. However, for someone like me to enjoy this one it would require a massive gameplay overhaul, and likely some layout changes. Hopefully other people will have more fun.

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I havn't watched phml's fda. But I guess he fell into the same pit as I did. I felt very cheated and got a bit angry at you mr. tango.

Other than that I really liked the map. It had some great architecture and the mix of cave and metal textures where nice.

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Awesome map. It was creative, kept me entertained, and got me through the rest of my short work day! There appeared to be two missing lower textures. One was on a ledge near the beginning, I think.

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hobomaster22 said:

Awesome map. It was creative, kept me entertained, and got me through the rest of my short work day! There appeared to be two missing lower textures. One was on a ledge near the beginning, I think.

glad to hear that at least one of you did enjoy it :p

@the rest: i can certainly see why it would have pissed you off so much.
so i'll go back through and try and address all that. i'll watch those inescapable death pit demos too :p

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perhaps this is a little better. removed/changed some monsters, added a pillar in the first lava room with the 2 archies to hopefully make that fight more manageable, more health in general (maybe too much now?), lightened up the dark cave to make it visible, switched the final battle around a bit. oh, and no more death pits at all, ever. there is not a single patch of lava in the map that damages. midi has been changed to Lava Reef Zone because nobody can hate sonic music.

one thing i've always had trouble with is making the final battle appropriately large and fun. granted, it doesn't always have to be *this* big, but i generally like it to be. the final battle in my saturnx map went through 3+ completely different iterations before i settled on what's there now.

and, even for those that hated it, feedback is still very much appreciated.

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FDA on newest version. Most of the things I complained about being gone, I obviously had much more fun. Good MIDI and lightning was just right, atmospheric without being crippling.

Two of the arachnotrons and the teleporting mancubuses didn't have enough room to play, though - so the arachnotrons were stuck and the mancubuses didn't teleport at all, and as a result the final fight was, well, not much of a fight. ;)

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thanks for the demo mate. always a pleasure to watch. guess i'll work some more on this and hopefully get it to the archives somday.

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