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I know I'm years too late...

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I'm wondering if anyone can point me to the JDoom environment pack? If anybody can give me a valid link to go and download it, I would very much appreciate it. And if there were ever any addons made which add rain/snow, I'd like to see those as well. I've seen threads where people say those exist or were being worked on, but haven't had any luck finding them.

I've been enjoying Doom: Absolution and The Outcast Levels, as well as all the other custom maps people have made for it. But anything I can do to upgrade it even further would be awesome. So...thanks in advance!

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Meh, I'm stupid. I can't force it to work with Absolution like I thought. Still! I'll have to try it out in regular Doomsday and see what I think. The only addon I've found for Absolution besides Outcast and custom maps is an HD weapons pack. I want more.

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