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Walter confetti

E1M11-11-11: A very special doom speed map

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I caught this thread just before I was going to go to bed, so I thought I might as well do a quick FDA


Recorded in GLBoom+ in complevel 2.

I actually had to die on my first attempt because I couldn't make it back to the blue door, so the first half of the demo is my wandering around aimlessly for a bit. On my second attempt some passageway opened up letting me go back to the blue door, I'm not sure why it's open the second time. Oh well.

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dannebubinga said:Alot of the rooms reminded me of doom1 stuff, so I guess the dtwidd crew will jack of to this map ;) [/B]

Ok, but the DTWID team does not accept no longer new maps...

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It was okay, I tried it out on HTNR, HMP and UV. Design looked decent, the starting room with the red was cool. Felt like it could of had a little more toward the end. That damaging water in the last area was annoying.

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I liked it, felt a bit like it had a bit of each three episodes, though I also didn't like the super damaging water in the end.

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