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[Vanilla Doom 2] Icon of Sin Explosions

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I'm having a little problem with a map I'm trying to create for a certain project. Basically, I want to give off the effect of a city being destroyed. What I've done to do this is have a bunch of Romeroheads hidden in crushing sectors, and when the crushers are activated...Well, boom.

Problem is, the heads die and the level ends, but I'm not getting any explosions. What am I doing wrong?

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The explosions are hard-coded to spawn so far in front of the romero heads. Read here for more detailed info. Your scenario has to take into account the distance, height, and direction. If you have multiple ones though, I'm not sure if explosions are spawned for each one...

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Like Earthquake said above the explosions are seen when you look the right direction. In this case you need to be looking north to see the "fireworks"

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