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What has been left of Hellstorm?

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I'm talking about the actual project from doomworld.com/hellstorm , which was cancelled quite some time ago. I know most of the monsters are at the Bestiary and spread over in other mods blah blah blah blah blah. But what has come of the actual project? Has it been released somewhere, like the Eternity TC was? I also read thru the Doom wiki that Demon Eclipse has a map called "Hellstorm". Some more questions are in order. Screenshots look like Boom. Or was it MBF? Or even Eternity? Was it intended as a Doom project with modified monsters? That would have been awesome.

Finally, why do people have the habit of canceling their mods (especially if they're Doom 3)? It's like the word "doom" is spelt on their projects, not the relatively favourable "eternity", like here: letting them on hold/hiatus but alive like Mordeth does.

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That site sure brings back memories. And the damn thing still never got released. Oh wait, that's what Demon Eclipse is for. Well, can't say I care much now, it's heading down the path of DNF.

I like the Hellstorm Archon of Hell on there better than the one on R667, which looks cheap. And the N'Garai Daemonite (Hell Warrior) has a much better looking head than that weird lion face. It sure makes me wonder what the Unholy Monolith would of looked like.

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Now I'm a little confused. Was the bestiary for this mod selected after Demon Eclipse and the R667 bestiary? Or were some of the Demon Eclipse monsters inspired by these ones?

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