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Entryway extended

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I have modified map 01 of DooM 2 and made it much longer and have alot more rooms and use all three keys. I also tried to give it the PSXDOOM feel with the music and the colored lighting and I also modified some of the weapon frames. On Ultra-Violence, it took me about 21 minutes to finish and about 15 minutes on I'm too young to die.
Here is the download
Please notify me if you find any bugs or glitches while playing.

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Main bug I noticed: in the infamous main room of Entryway, the secret door on the far wall is not openable on the inside.

Secondly, I couldn't figure out what the switch at linedef 763 did until looking at it in the editor just now. It's not obvious in game, and even seeing it in the editor doesn't really make sense and is game-flow breaking; sure it opens up those two monster closets, but it seems like a pointless backtrack. That switch should just go ahead and lower the platforms to get up on the catwalk. I figured the switch just didn't work and noclipped up there. *shrug*

Other than that, it was decently fun. I only found 7/10 of the secrets (even with the automap!), so good job there.

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Thanks man, I'll admit right now that alot of the rooms didn't need color, just like the PSX version. Sorry for the glitch but good thing it was minor and didn't ruin any other part. Oh and the three secret switches lead to something, I'll let you find it out ;)

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didierbertrand said:

i've downloaded the zip but it's impossible for me to extract the wad
a message tellme that the file is dammaged or the format unknown

Strange, maybe try downloading it again? Its a .wad so I don't know how its saying its an uknown format. Are you using any other program to try to extract it?

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