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How are TAS demos made?

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I've been watching Doom speedruns on youtube recently. I watched Plutonia 2 TAS video earlier. TAS videos have always been interesting to me and I have a rough idea how they work on emulators. How exactly do I make a Doom TAS? I'm pretty sure they can only be made with prboom+ but I have no idea how to go about making them. I'm a complete noob in this field. Could someone please explain to me how I would go about making a Doom TAS? Thank you..

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One way is to use Prboom+

1.You record a "normal" demo

-record demo1
An .lmp file is created (demo1.lmp in this example)

2.Whenever something "goes wrong", and you'd like to improve your demo, type
-recordfromto demo1 demo2 -skipsec xx
You can see your demo1 being played, starting from second xx. Now using the "join" key (check Options/Setup/Key Bindings/ 6th screen for the key used for joining) the program stops recording and starts responding to your input. Demo2.lmp is already a TAS demo, as you used joining. This step may be repeated 100000 times, until you achieve a desired result.

3.There is also a parameter for slowing the game speed, I don't remember it...
The other way is to use DRE and Prboom. It allows creating demos frame by frame, you edit every single tic. It is very unintuitive and may take some time to learn. Past threads: 1 2.

- The advantage of this method is a greater degree of perfection.
- For demos recorded using DRE, check demos by Andy Olivera (those marked TAS and recorded with PrBoom or jongo

When successful, remember always to mention clearly in the txt file that your demo is tool assisted, preferably explaining which features you used.

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vdgg said:

3.There is also a parameter for slowing the game speed, I don't remember it...

It's easier to use speed up/speed down/default speed keys (numpad "+", numpad "-" and numpad "*" respectively).

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