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Hell Wars (Doom inspired turn based strategy game)

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So I'm planning on making this turn based strategy game heavily inspired by Doom. It's not actually going to use Doom art or names, because I don't want iD to sue me into next century. And I want to have a bit more creative freedom than I would having to stick to the Doom enemies 100%. But it's obviously turn-based Doom. :P

I'm going to be using the engine I'm currently using to develop another turn based game called Strat. You can try that out here : http://rydia.net/udder/prog/strat/

I have yet to come up with non-Doom names for this design document. Please leave comments on it if you have any, or if you have ideas for new names/classes/abilities for either the Marine or Demon side.


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If it's well done than this should be cool.
Maybe the dude who does these excellent 3D models(forgot his name, has thread on here) would agree that you use them for your game.

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