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Using DECORATE in .pk3 format

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Hi all. I want to ask a question. I recently switched from .wad to .pk3 for a project of mine to help organize things.

I organized the decorate into 2 folders, Weapons and Items. Then I have the actual DECORATE lump in the root folder. So it looks like this when first opened

/Decorate (where the Weapons and Items folders are)

So in the decorate lump, i learned that to call the text files, (yes i organzed the decorate codes into new text files, like "machinegun.txt" in Weapons), and to do that it need to be like this;
#include "folders/*.txt"

But when i attempted;
#include "Decorate/Weapons/Machinegun.txt"

It doesn't work, it says the lump wasn't found. I don't understand. I can't find any tutorials on it. Can someone please help me with this?

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Double-check your folder and lump names. There's no reason for this line of code not to work if your lump is indeed named machinegun.txt and is indeed in the decorate/weapons/ folder.

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