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Reverie demos [-complevel 2]

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vdgg said:

MAP13 (Stronghold Earth) UV max in 14:40

i liked this demo, it's so calming and methodical. one probably has to do it like that, considering all the platforms and the bitchy cyber.

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What's so bitchy about him? :) I can easily kill him without leaving that corridor. Just tried a few times using -recordfromto without turning my mouse (to emulate keyboard-only experience) and I succeeded in all but one attempt:

(skipsec -30 or so)


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Nice, should have considered that, though I would say fatigue and fear of dying have something to do with it; it's after 11 minutes of play, I was usually in low health situations all the time unlike in my 14:40 demo. It's also possible to kill the cyber while standing on one of the small rocks-in-the-air (if you don't fall down you get no splash damage at all, happened to me once).

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Map01 tyson in 3:08. I seriously need to improve my tyson runs. I hid because I thought I was at low health when I wasn't and a few other mistakes but I thought it was a shame that a tyson wasn't done for this map yet so decided to get one done.


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MAP06 UV-Max in 5:48

With that out of the way, now only map18 doesn't have an uv-max entry. I guess everyone is afraid of ghosts! :o
edit: oh, forgot about m30


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dannebubinga said:

map 21 uv-max in 3:18

Same thing here, first exit. The ammo is quite tight if you want to play aggressive.

MAP21 UV-Max in 1:54


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