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3d Floors with DB1?

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Hello There,

I'm trying to do some maps with Doom Builder for my Horde Of Titans project, but I want do something special like 3d floors or suspended structures? Can I do some of them with Doom Builder 1.68? Must I download some configs first? I can't use DB2 due to really slow & old PC (2.4ghz with 256mb of ram, where 32 are video :-( ).

Any suggestions please!

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Depends on the map format you're using. For vanilla there's a bunch of tricks you can read up on here that make use of self-referencing sectors.
ZDoom and it's relatives have Sector_Set3dFloor for Hexen format maps. Check your configs, some will probably need updating.
EDGE supports Extrafloors, though you'll have to examine a demo map to see how they work - here's an updated config file.
There are probably others that have skipped my mind for the moment.

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