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Short speedmapish map

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So I got home, realized I had nothing big due for any classes soon, and decided to fire up DB2 for the first time in a loooong time. Spiral stairs were my inspiration, and I went with a bit of a wood/metal theme. Map is boom-compatible, map01, d_runnin replaced (any of you that played one of my earliest wads will remember it ;), DM settings (untested, probably crap, but I wanted to work on that side of mapping), and some coop starts. If you can get a friend to play with you, heheh. The light levels are also uniform and detailing is basic, so don't expect anything really interesting. Well, have fun.


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Pretty simple, which shows maps don't need to be overly complicated to be fun.

Had some trouble / wasn't convinced with the two archviles guarding the BFG. The switches, the tight space - it didn't work too well IMHO, and I ended up taking them out the cheap way. Other than that, no complaint.

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Well it's supposed to be one of those weird DM traps for the bfg, though I guess it doesn't really work without making the whole ceiling there a button-crusher. Of course that unbalances sp ... guess I should've looked at dm maps that do this to see what works and doesn't. My other point was thinking that it slows down speedrunners, hahah. I'll have to see what you guys did there.

Memphis I just got in the mood to map something random, maybe it'll stick as I think I might do a random series of these 'everything' maps, sort of how 40oz did a long time ago, but I intend on getting into a master's program, and now is the time everything goes to hell for that. We'll see.

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