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Making DM levels with bots

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I noticed in comparing deathmatch levels of mine with others, one thing that I tend to do subconciously, is almost always make my maps compatible to be played with bots.

Every time I make a deathmatch level, I like to playtest it with a quick run in Skulltag. I first run around around through the hallways and dance around the rooms to check if I like the feel. Then run a quick game. If the bots can find the weapons, maneuver around without bumping into everything or getting stuck, and navigate in and out of the rooms, then I've made a pretty good deathmatch level.

I know not everyone does this. In the latest 32in24, I ran it with some bots and noticed some maps that featured things like enclosed rooms that bots didn't know how to get out of, and bridges that are easy to fall off into damaging floors, etc, or good weapons that are in hard-to-reach places.

Generally my deathmatch maps tend to get average to pretty good reviews, but while I don't really have much trouble with people reviewing my DM maps, I also am not the type to start up a server with a single level PWAD i just made and enlist a bunch of friends to come kill each other in it. I guess what I'm asking is am I in some way or another making my maps dumber by making my deathmatch maps with respect to a bot's stupid AI instead of what I could expect an actual player to do? Is this a bad habit that can interfere with my mapping?

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