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Hell's Gate (DM level)

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I made a Quake3/Live map into Doom2. I don't know why I did it, maybe I just like the level and wanted to see something similar in Doom too.

The level should work in about any port, as it doesn't use any port specific features. Though it is intended to be played with mouselook and without the vertical autoaim. Jumping, crouching and rocketjumps are ok too. Low gravity or more powerful jump than ~32 units is also welcome. There aren't really any places you shouldn't be able to go.

Well, so far I've tested the level with Doomsday, though not actual gameplay yet, GZDoom and Skulltag with bots. The bots were kinda dumb about the lava. In GZDoom they were never allowed to go in to the lava sectors, even if they were pushed by damage. In Skulltag some of them ran straight into the lava and after a while none of the 15 bots I played against had a positive score. Where was their self preservation?

I guess it's a level that's better played against real people...


DOWNLOAD: Hell's Gate

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as far as craft goes, the map looks really great. would love to play it, certainly.

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