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3DGE 1.36C Released

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More of a maintanence update, I uploaded 1.36C of 3DGE. Among a few fixes (notably a weapon model return bug, fixed thanks to Andrew), it has limited support for Styles (in the form of a console image, which is now hard-coded), executable being statically-linked so no MinGW dll's are required anymore, and a smaller executable size. I also re-worked the documentation a bit and dined on many a bug.

Notable feature here is splitscreen multiplayer. For those of you who want to test it out, run the executable with the -splitscreen switch. I haven't fixed the input handles for the second player so it's somewhat limited to a funky configuration. I had the second player completely mapped to the joypad but ripped the code out at the very last second because of issues relating to first-player binding to a joystick as well (didn't think about that, grr). Some other bugs like RTS not giving a BENEFIT to the player that's receiving it (gives it to both instead) is something that will be fixed later. In short, it's buggy but coming along. There's a demonstration of it here.

It's Win32 only. I'd love to have Linux/Mac versions ready-to-go but I have zero experience with them, as 3DGE is compiled strictly in Windows under MinGW. Hope you Enjoy!

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Nice, I like it! The blue loading disk is also working. I didn't know my cheap video card was working with OpenGL.

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