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Walter confetti

custom colormap in fake sectors [boom]

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hello to all, how i can add a custom colormap (like BLUEMAP, FOGMAP...) inside a fake sector using boom?

i mean, something like this

      |         |
      |         |
      |         |
      *---------*  <----my sector

      *---*  <---- sector whit "fake sector" linedef action
      |   |

      *---*  <---- sector whit "fake sector" linedef action,
      |   |        using the COLORMAP effect
I almost understood how to did this in normal sectors, but i don't know how to did this in the fake sector...

bye and thanks...

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I assume that by "fake sector", you mean a sector using the Fake Floor/Ceiling effect (line action 242), and you want the sections below the fake floor and/or above the fake ceiling to be differently colored?

You should be able to do this by using the desired colormap name (such as BLUEMAP) as the lower texture name (for the section beneath the fake floor) or upper texture name (for the section above the fake ceiling) on the 242 control line itself.

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