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Risen 3d help

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hi im new to the forums and ive been looking for help cause I installed risen 3d (the doom 3d port) and the program said i needed a wad so I used the doom2.wad I bought through steam and when I played it I wasent 3d......ive looked all over the settings in the launcher and idk what to do

and I have nobody that can help me so plz help

btw I cant see any help section in the forums so plz dont judge me for posting this thread in the wrong place....

thnx in advance

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This will probably wind up in the source ports section. I'm guessing you mean you want the 3d models Risen3D right? Those are separate downloads for risen but I'm not sure. I know that they go in there own special folder or at least I think they do.

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MrAMPM said:

when I played it I wasent 3d

Please be more specific ... and yes, this should be in the Source Ports forum.

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