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Omnipotence! - A new megawad for Doom 2! [WIP]

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So, I've finally got to work on this after all. This megawad will contain mostly my biggest maps (and hopefully best) and they'll be made so that they're fast-paced and flowing. I had the idea for about a week but I've only just decided to actually start on it. I am usually able to put out a map about 1-3 days and it mostly depends on how big or complex it is.

Since I have no skill in MIDI making I may need help with it in future...

At the moment the current maps are completed:
[MAP01] - Outpost Alpha (1)
[MAP02] - Terminal Control (1)
[MAP03] ~~ESTIMATED 1/12/11~~
[MAP04] ~~ESTIMATED 3/12/11~~
[MAP05] ~~ESTIMATED 5/12/11~~
[MAP06] ~~ESTIMATED 10/12/11~~
[MAP07] ~~ESTIMATED 14/12/11~~
[MAP08] ~~ESTIMATED 17/12/11~~
[MAP09] ~~ESTIMATED 20/12/11~~
[MAP10] ~~ESTIMATED 23/12/11~~

I'll try and stick to this schedule as close as possible. The reason MAP06 is longer than the rest is due to special events on 6/12/11 and maybe 7/12/11. I'm posting the estimated dates only for the first ten to see how it works and if stuff gets postponed (which it shouldn't) it saves me editing a whole list.

They might take longer than my usual since I have a stuff to do mostly, but I'm always able to find enough time.

Beta download will be when I've either finished all the maps...



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I'll reserve any thoughts until the screenshots. But best of luck with schedule, it sure isn't easy.

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Screenshot for the levels so far have been uploaded, MAP02 is about 96% done, I'm just finishing up final part and making sure all sectors are tagged properly. :)

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