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Enlarging the icons and percentages for the minimal Hud in Z-DooM?

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Just as the title says. I simpily want the game to render the percentages and icons to be larger, while still making sure they all fit on screen appropriately (e.g. sprites and such get enlarged, but parts of it go off screen)

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I have no idea how ZDoom handles the HUD, but in general menus and the HUD are considered "static graphics" and were (and still are, at least in ports close to vanilla/Boom) historically handled by entirely different drawing functions than sprites (that's why it's so easy to scale the player view but you have to jump through hoops to provide an auto-scalable HUD/main title/menus etc.

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hud_scale in the console.

Maes, IIRC ZDoom uses a clean scaling factor for the fullscreen hud and the menus. For fullscreen huds the origin for the coordinate space is the top left and negative coordinates wrap to the other side of the screen. Scaling is pretty simple this way.

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