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Instant monster teleporting

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In vanilla Doom, is it possible to have a group of monsters instantly teleport to several different locations with the same tag at the same time?

If so, can this effect be created using a switch?

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You can't have multiple locations with one tag. Monsters only teleport to the destination in the smallest sector number. So make all of the destinations have different tags (if that's a problem, you might be able to hack something up). Put each monster in its own dummy sector and make the dummy sectors as small as possible so that the monsters can't move until the switch is pressed. Make the switch linedef do something very fast or instant. Make sure the monsters are awake before the switch is pressed.

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Eh, I already found out a way to do it, however it does not work in this specific scenario. I'm trying to kill an icon of sin remotely, you see.

So, is there any way to remotely kill an icon of sin without crushing it or telefragging it?

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