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PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Legacy TC, See first post for details)

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On 8/30/2021 at 10:18 AM, slylecoco said:



So happy to play again PSX Doom with Delta Touch features!!





this is an old file corresponding to psx doom 2.135 beta crc ADBB8BD. Personally, I have always seen the williams logo. Maybe your files are not up to date, but in this topic there is everything you need. You can use portablepsxdoom as well ;)


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Hello there, I just downloaded the .zip file of the TC and it works perfectly. The sound effects are there, the lighting effects of the PSX look just like the og PS1, everything works fine for me. My only problem is that there's no any music in the .zip I downloaded. At the title for example, it says music "psxtitle" not found and the rest of the game goes without music. Can you help me fix the music? I really like the creepy ambient music of the PSX Port and without it it looks empty

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On 9/11/2021 at 3:34 AM, Gez said:

Music is in a separate file, which you have to load alongside the TC:


"Permission Denied.

Well, looks like we can’t go any further

Something appears to be missing…

This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire."


...in case you didn't know

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8 hours ago, prfunky said:

Maybe you're in the "in club" with Mediafire?



mediafire work but for you: check here.

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4 hours ago, pmc2 said:

mediafire work but for you: check here.

Thank you so much! I don't know why just that one link won't work for
me; I've downloaded many files from Mediafire before and a few since

this particular link yielded that mess pictured above.


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Hello everyone and sorry for the necro-posting.


I recently realized I made a mistake in the past of attributing an incorrect sound (called DSSKLDTH in the attached archive) to Spider Mastermind walking state, which have also resulted in need to modify the cyberdemon code (nothing special really, just create new state for the walking sound, but still an ugly workaround).


I've checked PSX Doom's actual data files once more (SNDMAP**.LCD, which show level-exclusive sounds), and found out that this file was supposed to be used by Lost Soul.


How does it work now:

  • Spider Mastermind has incorrect walk sound (a_metal)
  • Cyberdemon has new "a_hoof2" state replacing a_metal (to sound correctly)


Thankfully, GEC edition doesn't have the issue, being even more based on the original


If you wish to fix this long-lasting error of mine, load the attached PK3 with fix with the mod (you can tell Customizer to pre-load the file).


Thanks and sorry (really)!


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