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PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Version 2.135 now released!)

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ZMAPINFO is the ZDoom name for MAPINFO, so that's it.


The dollar sign means that the actual music lump name is localized, so you should find MAPMUS_1 and the others in the LANGUAGES lump.

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3 minutes ago, Gez said:

ZMAPINFO is the ZDoom name for MAPINFO, so that's it.


The dollar sign means that the actual music lump name is localized, so you should find MAPMUS_1 and the others in the LANGUAGES lump.

Oh, cool! Thanks. So if I just replace the PSX-style names in the LANGUAGES.ENU with the regular ones, that should work, right?

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I don't know if anyone has informed fenderc01 about this, but the beta2 and beta3 versions (full and standard) were removed by Mediafire about a year ago, and haven't been put back up. Also, the beta2 standard isn't even there.

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On 2/1/2018 at 4:51 PM, DerTodIstEinDandy said:

Ok, so I noticed a few things that don't seem correct.


  • On MAP30, you can skip the blue key completely. The switch behind the blue bars is totally pressable through the gap on the side. This doesn't seem to be possible in the actual console version according to any% speedrun route. I made a quick fix for now by adding locknumber to the switch itself, maybe there's a better solution.
  • Health and inventory never reset, so you can go to the Entryway with a BFG and 200 blue armor, which is silly. Also, if you have a chainsaw selected before you go to an episode end briefing, the chainsaw sound will play during the whole thing. Here's a fix that forces a pistol start during every episode transition.
  • Also, there was a small fix for MAP65 posted earlier, and it's not mentioned anywhere else:


Actually, you can skip picking up the blue key in the actual PSX version of Doom. You can use any of these passwords and try it out yourself:


Pistol start:

Full health, armor and weapons:


It's not a bug in this TC specifically, but a bug in the original map too.


Also, the PSX version of the game kicks you back at the main menu after you complete Threshold of Pain, where you can start Doom II from scratch if you want, but it does so after giving you the password for Entryway with your current equipment, so it's not "silly" that the TC does that, since it's what the original does too. However, it is a bug that the Chainsaw keeps sounding through cutscenes.


In any case, your fix for the Chainsaw bug is pretty useful for people who prefer the "reset inventory" approach. For people who want to keep their inventory, I made an alternate fix that silences the Chainsaw during the text screens, but allows you to keep your inventory as you can in the PSX version:


PSX Doom TC text screen fix.7z


And for anyone interested, I bug fixed the "key required" blink addon, since people were saying they couldn't get it to work with the latest version of GZDoom. It also now works as intended, even in multiplayer:




The procedure should be the same as before, using the launcher, and adding my fixes in this box in the options:



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Uh, so I really want to play this because I love Doom 64 and the original psx Doom was made by the same people or something so I want to check it out.


But holy shit I have no clue what's going on here, so many files that autoload other files and fixes and patches and versions and I just got lost in it.


I downloaded it and played a bit, but I was constantly annoyed by the thought that I could be playing a bugged older version that doesn't have everything or whatever.


Can someone please explain to me how to setup this with every available level (Final doom, NRFTL, Lost Levels, Master Levels and everything)?

I would appreciate it so much! Oh, and I don't really care about faithful experience, choppy weapon animations and different monster behavior. I'm more interested in the levels themselves, the lighting, the ambience.

If there was a way I could play only the maps, without changing anything else it would be perfect!


Thanks in advance! This looks great! :D

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Dude you're a god! Thank you so much! I'll be sure to check it out when I get home :v

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So... Are those old beta versions ever going to be put back up, or are they just lost to time? I really want to make an archive of them, and maybe play them a little

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Posted (edited)

Here's a small update for those who want to have Face in Fullscreen HUD

I think I understood the idea of the original psxdoom tc' fullscreen hud (break psxdoom stbar in half), and added correct offsets so that the distance between the face and ARMOR is same as in regular stbar.




I also took automap colors from the emulator (and let myself set some gzdoom-specific values accordingly)




am_ovportalcolor=8c 5a 31
am_ovthingcolor_citem=00 84 ff
am_ovthingcolor_item=00 84 ff
am_ovthingcolor_ncmonster=00 84 ff
am_ovthingcolor_monster=00 84 ff
am_ovthingcolor_friend=00 c6 00
am_ovthingcolor=84 84 84
am_ovunexploredsecretcolor=84 84 84
am_ovsecretsectorcolor=84 84 84
am_ovinterlevelcolor=ce ce 00
am_ovtelecolor=ce ce 00
am_ovunseencolor=84 84 84
am_ovcdwallcolor=8c 5a 31
am_ovfdwallcolor=8c 5a 31
am_ovefwallcolor=8c 5a 31
am_ovlockedcolor=ce ce 00
am_ovotherwallscolor=84 84 84
am_ovspecialwallcolor=cd cd 00
am_ovsecretwallcolor=84 84 84
am_ovwallcolor=a5 00 00
am_ovyourcolor=00 c6 00
am_portalcolor=8c 5a 31
am_thingcolor_citem=00 84 ff
am_thingcolor_item=00 84 ff
am_thingcolor_ncmonster=00 84 ff
am_thingcolor_monster=00 84 ff
am_thingcolor_friend=00 c6 00
am_unexploredsecretcolor=84 84 84
am_secretsectorcolor=84 84 84
am_interlevelcolor=ce ce 00
am_intralevelcolor=ce ce 00
am_lockedcolor=ce ce 00
am_notseencolor=6c 6c 6c
am_xhaircolor=84 84 84
am_gridcolor=84 84 84
am_thingcolor=00 84 ff
am_efwallcolor=8c 5a 31
am_cdwallcolor=8c 5a 31
am_fdwallcolor=8c 5a 31
am_tswallcolor=84 84 84
am_specialwallcolor=ce ce 00
am_secretwallcolor=84 84 84
am_wallcolor=a5 00 00
am_yourcolor=00 c6 00
am_backcolor=00 00 00
am_map_secrets=0 //not sure -- check in the original game plz


sorry if it's already been done -- I checked latest available release anyway.



Edited by lafoxxx : Major corrections :)

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Posted (edited)

Guys, I have a problem playing v2.135 using latest GZdoom with SND_EFX=ON.

When I load map61: Attack, enable Noclip and run through the map (so that Reverb Environments change very fast), the process freezes in a deadlock. Details here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=63807

Question -- Why is this happening? Is the mod not compatible with latest GZdoom, or it's my hardware (using 2018 pc with old soundboard -- X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro)?



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