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When an enemy is hit or spots you..?

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Kinda related to my "Scripted Music Stings" post. I found out how to script a music change when the player enters another sector, but I couldn't find anything regarding if an enemy spots you. Does anyone know how I can throw in a script where when an enemy spots you/gets shot by you, then the music changes??

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If the monster is standing still until it sees you or gets shot by you: maybe you could put a linedef exactly where the monster is standing, then when it wakes up it walks over the line to activate the script?

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TimeOfDeath: I went with your solution and it works great. The linedef is only triggered when an enemy trips it. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the music return to normal, but I feel like there's a workaround to it.

Kappes Buur: I'll try my best to read into making this function exactly how I want it to. Still green on ACS scripting.

Thanks guys!

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