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Strange PSX Doom death.

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Hello. I was playing PSX Doom map 57 ages ago and I woke up the Cyber and he teleported into the tower and later on he shot me and killed me and instead of the whole screen going red, there was just a splash of red up one side of the screen and one side was sloped as if it was a real splash of blood up the screen. Was this a one-off or has anyone else seen anything like this on PSX Doom?

I just wish they could release the source code of the PSX Doom engine, but I guess that will not happen. But if they did especially for the PSX Final Doom release then we could have an even better PSX Doom TC for PC.

But getting back to the death scene, this could have been a bug, there were some cool things in the PSX Doom port like the Marines head exploding when you are crushed or gibbed by a rocket/barrel. I wish the PC Doom ports had that.

And to all Doomers, may you have a Merry Christmas and a DooM filled New Year!

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