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No ballistic weapons gibbing

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I am modding a mod that improves the weapons slightly but the machine gun, chaingun and machine gun are gibbing nearly every former human I come across and it's boring me cause I like seeing them fall down from time to time.

I did set "impact_gib" to 0 in the weapon defs but in-game they are still gibbing. What am I doing wrong here, do I need to set the "gib" under "damage_bullet_(weapon here)" to a 0 too?

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In the weapon def you need to set "gib" to 0 under damage_bullet_*insert weapon name*. Forget about the other values.

Not sure if there's a straightforward way to set it up so gibbing occurs randomly. For Phobos we just disabled it permanently for certain weapons.

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Probably best to make a post on D3W where more technical questions about Doom 3 are discussed more thoroughly and you could maybe be instructed how to set up gibbing randomly, or pointed in the right direction. Though I don't go on there anymore and I have no idea how active that forum is these days.

There, another piece of common sense masquerading as useful info :p

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