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Brickwater is a Doom2 level I made today. Initially I just wanted to test if secrets count when you're in air. But then I wanted to make a normal level.

So here's a story:"The small town of Brickwater has been transported to Inferno. It seems the town is held in Inferno by some powerful demons and their vile spells. You must find these demons and kill them to return Brickwater back to Earth. The demons are located somewhere in the underground parts of Brickwater."

It plays in level 21. There's only one secret, which doesn't even give you anything, but it can be useful.


And here be pictures:

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I gave it a quick play and enjoyed it, but there's an issue in the first room. Two of the walls are textured with RROCK12 but there is no such texture in Doom2. As a result the walls display a HOM.

Also the two mancubi in the opening room at the start are easy to telefrag. Was that intentional?

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RROCK12 is a flat; hence the map requires a port that supports texture/flat mixing (i.e ZDoom, Doomsday (1.9 beta or higher) etc).

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Ah, well, my mistake on that flat/texture mixup thing.. They were meant to be BSTONE2.

What two mancubi in the opening room? There are no two mancubi in the starting room. Heh :P

Well, I've updated the wad in the download link, I checked for any other flats/textures in wrong places and it seems those two were the only ones.

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