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Map 10 Start - Level Editors?

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I'm beginning map 10 - at the very first room. The main door will not activate or open and there doesn't appear to be any switch that activates it. So, my question is: When I read forums concerning investigating map glitches, folks often refer to using level editors. Is there a package to install one or is it included in prBoom? I'm using prBoom v2.5.0 (Debian package)

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A level editor is a CAD type program like Yadex, for example. Some OS have packaged it, but many don't and then you have to compile it yourself. There's also a newer forked version (Eureka) you can download from the editing forum.

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First place: a player should not have to cheat with a level editor. Some levels are not reasonable. I get ticked-off after about 20 tries and use the level editor to determine if the level is broken or if DoomLegacy is broken. If DoomLegacy is broken, I have to fix it, so most times I do not feel like giving it more than 20 tries.

Choosing a level editor is much like choosing a text editor. First it depends upon which operating system you have. I run Linux, so I use the Yadex editor (modified with my own patches). Wiki on doom level editors will give more information on which editor runs on which machines.

There are other ways to cheat around a difficult level, and they are built into the game.
Use noclip (idclip) to walk though walls. Some doors are fake and there is nothing behind them.
Again see Wiki, Doom cheats.

For map10, to open the first door you have to go into the little room and push on the computer console (it does not look much like a computer console, nor does it look like a button).

Most buttons in the levels have some kind of glowing light, but a few are cutout to just have the button, and some are computer panels. When stuck, go around and push everything (I call it nose-grinding the walls).

Some buttons only respond when shot with the gun. On MAP13, turn right at the start and shoot the wall next to the door, it will open.
That does not do anything to get you up there, but shooting guns off outdoors draws attention. .. (That is actually a bit of warning to not shoot off any gun outdoors (on MAP13) until you are really prepared for the attention it will get you.)

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