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Crate Maze

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I'm trying to make a rudimentary crate maze to start off a map. What is a great wad I can use as a reference? I've tried making one, but it's really something you have to know to make fun and not overly irritating or simple.

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DOOM.WAD's E2M2 and one of TNT.WAD's maps has a bit of a crate maze.

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st.alfonzo said:

map10 of this wad in development features a totally laudable crate maze. Stacks of excellence!

That maze is phenomenal! That map is also a great study for outdoors/fortress construction. Cool beans!

Tango said:

you make maps??

Yes, but only shit.

Anyone else have some maze theory tips?

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Somebody should make a big crate maze map. I mean, REALLY big. With crates from 16x16 to 4096x4096.

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