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The DOOMer of Deffense V3.9 (half-modified)

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Gamemode: invasion (DM in progress)
Maps: 1,2,3 (4-5 aren't complete)
Languages: RUSSIAN, ENGLISH (To change, press KP8 ("8" on the right))
Port: Skulltag (cuz of runes; invasion)

This invasion-mod has new monsters, sphere, weapons and a lot of other specialty (like upgrade menu, zoom, language, etc.)

Wad is in progress, and I know some bugs (like titlemap). By the way, if you want to see TITLEMAP, join the game, then press F7.
Upgrade menu: console command puke 874 (I didn't complete it, so olny with console). You can see points and powers, if you will press KP6. If you want see new weapons, just type cheat.

I didn't test this wad on another computer, so it is possible to see troubles with sizes of screen.

Good game))

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