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Ghost of WD2 - map01

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Guess what? Long ago I almost did IT again. Yes, I`m talking about WD2.

It all started back in 2006 when I`ve done a first version of WD2 map01.
After release of WD1 in 2007, I`ve started building maps 2-6. But, in 2009 there was a HD crash (500 GB went to trash), then I`ve lost all my works (some of them are lost forever :(, including my first wad - Num7.wad). And under various other cirumstances development of WD2 stopped..

Nevertheless, no playable map should be wasted, so I`ve decided to release the first map of WD2. Here it is:

An empty map plans of maps 2-6 still exist, so maybe atleast a demo version of WD2 will make it to release.

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