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Ran into somebody that claims to have worked on the original Aliens TC

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There's a list of credits at the end of the .TXT. Here's an excerpt.

Richard Love - for creating level 9, (the secret level) and
the textures peculiar to it.
Glenn Fisher - for writing the custom editors, and the
Me - For doing all the hard work! (Nobody reads this bit
anyway, so why not :)
Darryn Pat - for the use of the video blaster (to scan the
queen model.)
Darryn Yee - for supplying all sorts of things necessary for
scanning a model, including his home :-)
Jordan Yee - for supplying the model alien queen to be

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phobosdeimos1 said:

but it may be a big subtle troll which you've already fallen for

I understand that this is a legitimate possibility that he's a troll (note that I never said that I believed him, only asked him if he was Justin Fisher), I was just asking what people more familiar with the TC's history thought about it.

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it's also important to remember that there were several alien "tc's" back then...of course justin fisher's is the one that gets remembered because it was the best and had the most work put into it.

there also was a guy back then who was angry about not getting enough credit for his work. same guy? i don't know, but that's a long time to be bottling it up heh.

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