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Make sector out of lines?

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Is there a command in Doom-builder 2 that takes a set of line Defs and makes a new sector out of it? I remember that being a planned feature when DB2 was still in development here on Doom world... and I have heard that there are a lot of short cut keys that are hidden in DB2, so I am just curious if this exists or not.

Thanks in advance.

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Either retrace the linedefs around a sector in Drawing Mode or go into Make Sector Mode and click on the sector.

I don't believe that there are hidden shortcuts. Simply press F5 then Controls and all the shortcuts are revealed.

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Yup, the make sector tool in DB2 is pretty slick. Sure beats the crap out of redrawing over the sector like you had to do in the original DB ;)

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Man... do you know how much time that wasted me?? DO YOU!!!


sorry, kinda happy.

again thanks.

To be honest though, It really saves time when I decide to join sectors for archways to save time not having to set each height... and now I can just use this to seperate them when I need to...

I can also edit copy-pasted stuff with ease...

man... ... awesome.

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