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No more S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Doubtful. GSC never tried to consolize the first three games it made, other flaws notwithstanding, so I doubt they're going to try very hard to simplify this one.

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On one hand, I see F2P as being very likely to ruin the game's appeal for me. On the other hand, if the devs can get the feeling of STALKER, which they no doubt can, and manage the F2P model like Mechwarrior Online, it may not be too bad.

Also, STALKER 2 was not cancelled in favor of this game. The team formerly known as GSC Gameworld does not have the rights to their own creation.

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Ahh yeah I guess it's not cancelled, but more like 'put on hold'..

Doesn't help I'm falling asleep in my chair.

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