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How to create coop demos

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Hey guys,

A friend of mine and I would like to record some coop demos, but we are not really sure which source port and parameters to use. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice as far as which source ports work well with multiplayer recording or which parameters to use?


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-nodes is the only command I know in multi player.
-nodes 3 results in ipxsetup to wait for 2 additional players.

I don't know about sourceports but in Doom v1.9 everyone needs the same parameters. In example the guy who makes server types line like this:
ipxsetup -warp 05 -skill 4 -nodes 3 -maxdemo 2048 -file hr2final.wad -record asdasd

So the two guys who wants to join the server have to write exactly same line except file name and order doesn't matter.

It's in co-operative settings by default (at least in doom v1.9), not in deathmatch.

Someone can correct my possible mistakes :p

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DLRArchangel said:

you are correct but i dont think 'file-' is a paramater. -record filename -maxdemo 2000 -skill 5 -episode 3 works for me.

"-file" IS a parameter. u don't need it if u only play stock maps

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