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quick speedmap

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and by quick i mean roughly 4 hours. it was intended to be a tiny tiny speedmap but i couldn't help but make it bigger and prettier. for boom-compat.

requires cc4tex:

the wad:

with things like this i feel my gameplay is generally hit or miss... and as much as i enjoyed this one, i still feel it might be a miss. guess we'll have to see what Phml says!

criticism welcome. i believe i fixed everything, but there may still be bugs.

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FDA (multiple deaths, doesn't complete due to real life)

It was great!

I liked that the layout allowed to play fast and maximise monster infight, and yet, due to their placement you're at greater risk doing just that.

All my deaths were due to my own mistakes. First one I noticed 4 archviles, backed up, only saw 3 coming, thought maybe I didn't look correctly the first time, went in, got blasted with the 4th archvile lagging behind... After that I tried to play more aggressively for a change and got my head handed to me in many different ways - including getting chewed to death by demons... Twice! You can't dislike a map that gets you to get chewed by demons multiple times.

I haven't anything to add, simply because nothing bad jumps to mind and everything was fun. Good job.

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