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Doom The Way id Did: v1.1 Released!

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Now I look forward how an official UDTWiD would look like. The only problem is that still, nobody has found Ascent from Hades :(

Cell said:

And I don't act like I didn't do so!
E4M1 sample

DTWiD succeeded for me. Not only because it re-represents the ceaseless, entire feeling of the classics I used to play back in 1994, but also, the magic of "being modded but still the same" is unexplicable, untouchable, still gorgeous as a feeling. I'm seriously doubted now about whether I'm gonna map oldskool or newskool next time. These WADs are the best for gaining inspiration.

Progressed up to E2M5, waiting for the next confrontation against that ugly cyborg skyscraper.

If anyone remembers himself clicking that link (sadly, it doesn't work anymore due to scumbag MediaFire deleting it), and still has the file in his memory somewhere, report me!!

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Guys, I know a necro is probably uncalled for, but I'd like to report on a bug that could be fixed in UDTWiD. In E1M6 in the central-northern part of the map tehre is an oblong pond of nukage. There are two issues with it:

- It's an area without exit, so once you fall there you're doomed to die
- The nukage doesn't do damage in the sectors where the bridge will later rise

Pretty late to notice something like this or report it (hell, it might already have been reported), but better safe than sorry.

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Perhaps only to be fixed in UDTWID, but sector 160 in E2M2 is a secret, but linedef 873 (which you cross to enter it) is a W1 Lower Floor and change texture and type (which makes it damaging goop). Unfortunately, that means if you pause overhanging the edge or reverse direction after crossing it, you can't get 100% secrets, because it stops being secret when the sector motion ends.

On E3M5, linedef 553 is a 39 W1 Teleport to sector 223, a secret, but since it's a W1 and monsters can use it, if a monster happens to wander across it first, there's no way to get into the secret. (Perhaps by design?)

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Replayed this again - damn, what a rewarding WAD this is to play through, especially Inferno <3

Gotta reiterate though the problem with nukage pits - in fact I've found several throughout E1 with the same problem - they don't do damage. Perhaps it would be best just to take a look at all of them comprehensively to weed out any non-damaging ones in the entire episode. That is of course unless you're not for a "leave it in" approach.

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The /idgames version is newer -- use that one.


That old web app is kinda just around for historical interest. I unfortunately don't have admin access to it (and the one who does, ellmo, has been vanished for a while) so the old link is kinda frozen in time. Welp. :P


Either way, thanks for checking in! Better than picking the wrong one. :P

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