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Doom The Way id Did demos [-complevel 3]

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E1M5 Tyson in 17:56

This was a first exit, I'll come back and improve it later, but no more time today.

Contains lots of hot lift, pinkie slapping and block monster line action! Well OK, action might not be the right word here...


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E1M1 UV Max/Reality in 1:38



Funny, the way to avoid Pain Sector damage got this far.




E1M2 UV Max/Reality in 3:08



A slow start. Then it's all about memorization.




E2M8 UV Max/Reality in 1:33



Killing fewer Lost Souls = faster. I killed some = slow.

Edited by GarrettChan

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E3M2 UV Max/Reality in 8:15



Oooh, the wide open outside area of this map... Lost Souls can ambush you from any angle. Shotgunners are difficult to be dealt with because they are far away. Having the Chaingun and clearing the area from the back is a better choice in my opinion. However, I don't know why the mapper chose 20% damaging floor, so the Rad Suit is not always working... Sometimes I would run out of ammo. Probably I'm too nervous. That's why I left that Cacodemon at the beginning for last.

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