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my old/new entry

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Hi everyone.
I've rediscovered my doom directory (I've promised myself I'll never delete it), and I played a little, I really enjoyed it.
I started looking on the net for new compet-n demos, and I'm really surprised what I've found. I sincerely didn't expect to find anyone active and still playing.
You guys rock! Respect.

Maybe you don't even know me. I was the admin of the compet-n before Adam took over. That was like 14-15 years ago! OMG.

I have a gift for you. During this rediscovery I also found a few demos of mine recorded in 2001, which seems like weren't submited or lost. I don't know why, maybe I forgot, maybe they are lost, or maybe I planned to submit it 10 years later :P

Anyway, one of them seems like survived the test of time, and as I see is still the fastest time for that map (please correct my if I am wrong)

It's Memento Mori map 06 -fast in 6:17.

Let me congratulate to all of you again. I'm really amazed by the the amount of people who is still active and playing doom on such a high level and the dedication you all have. Great!

Good luck everyone.

Istvan Pataki


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That's really nice to hear. Even though I have only started recording this year, I used to be a Compet-N fan and I do remember you name.

Maybe you can keep on recording along with us now? This game needs more demo recorders.

Going to watch the demo now :)

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What a nice surprise!

Your demo is indeed the quickest mm06 UV -fast entry.

As you may, or may not know, Compet-N as such doesn't exist, but people still submit demos following the old rules.
There was a thread recently about reviving C-N (not the first attempt after 2005, mind you): http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-speed-demos/57809-would-there-be-interest-in-a-c-n-like-for-more-modern-wads/1/
Now, maybe you know something we don't know, like, how to reach Adam H?

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I see Istvan is determined to hang onto that longest running speedrunner record :) As always, great to hear from old players. And I'll admit to being curious about the same thing vdgg is: have you kept in touch with Adam Hegyi?

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Regarding Adam, unfortunately I cannot tell any news about him. I was trying to reach him recently, but he didn't pick up the phone (or the number I have is out dated). I'll also mailed him, to have a couple of beers and some nostalgic talk, but no answer yet :(

Regarding some new recordings. My skills are rusty, but I'm practicing, we'll see how far I can get. I would definitely like to conquer the beholded d2s title :P
I read Hennings comments that it took ten months for him to get his time bellow 30 mins (woah, and grats). I don't feel like I have that commitment right now.

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