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That Damn Cake: a Doom birthday celebration WAD

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Just a few days ago the 18th Doomsday happened. During that morning I got the feeling that I wanted to honor my favorite game somehow. So I baked a cake; a virtual birthday cake in the form of a vanilla mod based on the one Espi made in 2003.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish the level during Doomsday, and had to put the finishing touches into it during these couple days. But oh well, at least it's still Doom's birthmonth. =P

The level is in essence minimalistic and small, but features a fairly challenging fight and quite an unusual premise and theme, with birthday elements mixed into the unholy and surreal.

Essential linkage:

EDIT/update: done and uploaded to /idgames!

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Very nice! I kicked the difficulty level down a little, not sure if that did anything. I haven't killed the boss yet.

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