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change MaxAmount

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I want change some Amounts of ammos. So I has copied the dommammo.txt from gzdoom.pk3 and insert in my new pk3-file (new mod).
The copied decorate describes the classic ammos.
In new mod, I changes the MaxAmounts...

  Inventory.Amount 4
	Inventory.MaxAmount 50
	Ammo.BackpackAmount 4
	Ammo.BackpackMaxAmount 100
That's standard amount of doom shotgun. But I just raise the Amount.
  Inventory.Amount 8
	Inventory.MaxAmount 500
	Ammo.BackpackAmount 50
	Ammo.BackpackMaxAmount 1000
All saved in Slumped7 and than...in the game no effect (= standard amount, no raised amount). What's wrong?

P.S. Can doom ammo allows number over 999? For Example, 1000 Shells?

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You might want to look into this or this and see if that helps.

EDIT: I never made a DECORATE file before, but I think you have to use inheritance...

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Changing ammo amounts is a pain in the butt. There's something to do to improve the system because currently you're better off using a dehacked patch for that (provided you're modifying Doom ammo amounts, since dehacked won't let you change Heretic/Hexen/Strife amounts).

Simply said, ammo global properties (max amount, backpack amount, max amount with backpack) are set in the parent ammo type. The values from children types are ignored.

So if you want to change them, you have to create a new ammo type entirely.

Which means that you will also need to change the weapons so that they use these new ammo types.

Which means that, if you change a starting weapon, you will also need to change the player class so it uses these new starting weapons.

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That sucks. But I'm thankful for both you. :)

P.S. I copied the Port GZDoom und so I change some things in gzdoom.pk3. Of course, the amount changes take trough all mods.
I think if I publicate my mode (that's more like a dream :-D )so I need to insert the modified gzdoom.pk3...

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