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Simple idea for a kind of "new" style of gameplay

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I had this idea since a while now.
To make it short:

Every enemy dies with one shot or hit
the levels are completely linear and almost road-like (there is only one, obvious way to follow, you mainly have to move forward). A tiny bit like I have seen in some gameplay videos of Crash Bandicoot, but not THAT simple and arcade-like. The levels could still look like as if they were real locations and not just a long path with borders left and right.

I could imagine this style of gameplay very fast and kind of fun. You only have to run along your path without ever having to stop and blast every enemy that jumps in your way. Also, the levels could feature crazy locations that you visit on your way, like you start in a hallway in a high building, smash out of the window at the other end, follow a small road where suddenly an earth quake takes place and rips up the ground, which makes you fall in some kind of cave underneath with lava, and from there on you follow a huge lava river until you find a demon hideout. Everything connected as one big "path" you follow without really noticing it.

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Sounds a bit like an onrails shooter actually, a bit like Time Crisis, or maybe Wartrain.

I tried to create such a Doom mod a couple of times, but gave up very quickly on both ocasions.

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WildWeasel said:

I would totally play a Doom-flavored Time Crisis. Get on it, guys. =P

You could probably do it in ZDoom :P (at least the hiding part, assuming it's based on the one that had the riot shield)

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