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Babby's First DM map

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Out of boredom I decided I'd experience with deathmatch and thus have created my first deathmatch map. It's not really designed to be anything special, I just hope that people have fun playing it.



Hope you guys like it! Criticism is appreciated.

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Definitely not a bad start, I'd say :)

One bug: it's missing a player 1 start, so I had to switch into deathmatch mode to be able to see the map at all.

It took me a few runs around the map to notice the existence of the openings around -2879,2217 and -3127,1418. Making those more visible and directly accessible without sharp turns would make players more likely to use those side paths.

You could also adjust the gap between the platform at -3435,2009 and the one at -3664,1751, to make a more reliable leap possible from the higher platform to the lower one, thus making for another path using the already-existing areas.

I'll leave it to someone else to comment on the item placement, as I'm probably more likely to lead you astray there.

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