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Help me make a temporary workaround for the ZDoom hitscan clipping glitch

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As you may know, a really annoying bug has appeared in ZDoom, where hitscan shots will be blocked by an invisible barrier (this doesn't also happen to enemies). There seems to be no known fix for this, and as a new ZDoom version will appear who knows when, I propose a temporary fix. I would do it myself, but unfortunately I have no experience with coding.

Here's what I propose:a mod that turns all hitscan attacks into really, really fast projectiles. This way, it has the same effect as the hitscan, and doesn't trigger the bug. Thanks very much for reading, and I hope someone will come help with this issue.
PS:if the mod could be made to work with Perkristian's weapon animations, I would be greatful.

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You don't have to know how to program to do this. DECORATE, the lump ZDoom uses to define actors, is simple enough for anyone to do this easily. That being said, I'm not sure just how fast a projectile can go until it stops working properly, so somebody else would have to answer that.

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