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Flipping sprites around

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I was going through the FreeDOOM resources and thought wouldn't the current revenant sprites look way better if they were scaled down to replace the current imp? I honestly don't really like that impy thing, and the Revenant just seems way better for it. Also, I saw somewhere on this forum a while back, for replacement Archvile sprites, but I thought maybe they looked better as a Baron of Hell? Just a couple suggestions here and there.

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Lol, I've seen that. I looked at the FreeDOOM sources, and noticed, the "revenant" sprites also had Imp frame numbers. I go steadfastly that they would be a million time better as the Imp. Afterall I honestly hate the existing Imp, and since the imp is so common I believe it should be one of the better looking sprites, which the (oversized) revenant would be if scaled down.

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The revenant sprite reminds me of a monster from the Anubis/Osiris TC. I wonder if it was derived from there (would make sense, since their TXT file gives permission to re-use everything except the music).

One of the other problems with the revenant is that it's very dark and hard to see in some situations, like a dark room or even just against an ASHWALL2 background (revninja!) Plus, it's missing some sound fx, so half the time you don't know there's one lurking around until you get a missile in the back.

Edit: well guess I remembered wrong, the TROO* frames from osiris.wad look different, and anyway those seem derived from id's imp.

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