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Slope with 3D Floors issue

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I don't know if it was asked before, but at this point, Doom builder's fail makes me angry. (or my fail, doesn't matter) :/

I'm trying to make 3D palm trees in Doom Builder. I made the leaves of 3D floors, and slopes, to be nice, and not cubic. It works for two sides of the leaves, but for the other two, not.

Here is it, how it looks in 3D mode:


(i tested it in GZDoom, too, and it's the same)

And the control sectors:

I want to make those trees, because cubic 3D trees, and sprite trees are ugly in my opinion. :(

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Your fail, unfortunately, although one I've made myself and perfectly understandable. I can't think of a coherent way to explain it, so I'll edit this post with a picture shortly, but:

From an overhead view in the editor, the control sectors for the horizonal leaves need to be on the same axis as the horizontal leaves and the control sectors for the vertical leaves need to be on the same axis as the vertical leaves.


Okay, here we go:

The problem with 3D slopes is that they have to be on the same axis, or they won't work as intended. This may cause problems with your planned usage, as you'll probably need new control sectors for every single tree you place. In the long run, it might be less effort to use several 3D floors at stepped heights like this instead of slopes, because at least that way you can use the same tag for every tree (provided they're all the same height anyway).

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Thank you very much, now i could make it to work. But this, that I have to place them in the same axis, makes it really harder, to hide the control sectors. :/ Anyway, thanks, It helped me really lot.

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