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Problem with Visual Mode [DoomBuilder 2]

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I've been trying to make pwads for a month or so now, but one problem has always bothered me. When I go into visual mode, whenever I put my cursor on a wall/linedef, instead of highlighting with a kind of see-through highlight so you can still see the texture. My visual mode highlights and turns the texture black, so you cant see the texture. I don't know if this problem can be solved in the options for visual mode or not. I'm running DoomBuilder 2.

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That's an old card which probably doesn't support all rendering features that DB2 uses (even though they are very basic). That card does not even know what a shader is. I was wondering why I still wrote shaderless (fixed-function) rendering routines in DB2 as alternative to the shaders, and now I have the answer: If I had not made that work, you wouldn't be able to see anything at all, not even anything in any of the classic 2D modes :P

What you can try is this:
- Turn off "High quality rendering" in Tools -> Preferences -> Appearance tab.
- Turn off "Animatie selection in visual modes" (on the same tab).
- Update your video drivers.

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Well I tried both of those suggestions, and it still didn't work, then again I didn't really expect it to. I'm saving up for a new computer anyways so it'll be solved then, but thanks for the suggestions.

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