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How can I improve these songs?

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Technician said:

Your arrangements aren't bad. You can only improve musically with practice, practice, practice.

I suppose they're not terrible like I make them out to be. And I know that the way to get better is practice, but what I was asking when I made this thread is if anyone knew a good place to look for stuff like learning music theory, because I know nothing about it, and was wondering if anyone knew a good site or book for it.

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GreyGhost said:

Try talking Maes into singing lead vocals in his patented smooth Jamaican accent.

Not only that, but they have to be recorded through this here Maes-approved vintage recorder for giving them a warm, tube sound.

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Not being sarcastic, actually. You're progressing well, though what I've noticed the most troublesome is that there are occasionally instruments playing off-key. I'm not really sure what to say about improving it if you don't yet have an ear for it, 'cept keep messing with things and it'll eventually dawn on you. :P

For the record, the dissonance in the first half of Sewer Rats with the loud, droning bass actually works very well, I think. It's just the latter portion (when the bass drops out and the piano-y thing comes in) that has some out-of-key issues.

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Just try to do a lot of covers of music you like, and you'll pick up techniques that way. It's how I learned to compose music.

If you want some practical tips right off the bat, some more syncopated notes wouldn't hurt.

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