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DB Shotgun Mod for Doom 1

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You don't know if there id one or not, eh?

Sarcastic remarks about your typo aside, you can easily just make it yourself. Just copy the sprites and sound effects from the Doom 2 IWAD into your own PWAD, load that into a port that supports Doom 2 stuff in Doom 1 (afaik, almost all of them), and cheat to get the super shotgun.

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Doesn't knee deep in zdoom have a double shotty?

There's probably a couple other mods/wads that let you use a double shotty in Doom/Ultimate Doom.

The PSX Doom TC has Doom levels plus Doom 2 levels and the SSG. Not sure if it appears in the Doom levels though.

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Actually what happened is I didn't finish the sentence and I don't know why. id should have been "I did a search" I don't know what happened except I wasn't watching while typing
Sorry for any offense

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